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Benefits of Remanufactured Options

Remanufactured office furniture and workplace systems are viable and sound solutions for your business that offer significant benefits.

First, purchasing remanufactured office furniture from Roberts Office Furniture Concepts makes good business sense economically, because you’ll receive high-quality, "indistinguishable from new" furniture at a great price.

Second, remanufactured office furniture and workspace systems are customizable to your needs, regardless of the size or type of your business or organization, even at the reduced price.

Additionally, remanufactured office furniture contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment since remanufacturing conserves an estimated 1.02 million pounds of natural raw materials annually, which is enough to fill 155,000 railroad cars to capacity.

Remanufacturing begins with retaining as much of the former product as possible, particularly its durable and long-lasting steel frame. This saves not only the manufacturing costs associated with new furniture, but also the raw materials, natural resources and energy used to create the steel.

According to an EPA estimate, in 1995 it cost $93 million to trash 2.9 million tons of office furniture at $32 per ton. Steel from remanufactured furniture can be retained and reused, reducing landfill overload and saving cost per pound.

Additionally, one year of remanufacturing helps fight global warming by reducing carbon emissions by 815,000 pounds, and can save 10,700,000 barrels of crude oil a year. That’s because remanufacturing reduces the need to produce new steel, which is one of the largest manufacturing processes associated with global warming.

Because many of the earth’s reserves are not renewable, remanufacturing is a practical and effective way to conserve our resources for future generations. Remanufacturing saves on labor and manufacturing costs, uses fewer raw materials and saves energy.

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