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Robert’s Approach to Sustainability

Roberts Office Furniture Concepts has more than 20 years of experience remanufacturing the highest quality office furniture by recycling parts from original equipment manufacturers and combining the “best of the best.” Roberts evaluates every line available to determine which provide the best in system packages and individual components, then uses only quality pieces from each manufacturer to provide a superior, sustainable product that is indistinguishable from new — and warrantied.

Nearly 93 percent of the remanufactured products from Roberts Office Furniture Concepts are post-consumer recycled. Roberts fabricates functional office furniture and systems that otherwise would end up in a landfill, by purchasing furniture and components at the end of their useful life and meticulously and systematically restoring them. As a result, Roberts reduces the waste stream by keeping products out of landfills.

We navigate several steps to accomplish this goal. First, we provide a $30 million inventory from which our customers can choose, one that is frequently replenished by purchasing whole buildings’ worth of office furniture. Then, each piece is completely dismantled, and every part is inspected. Any part requiring repair is fixed and, if it is beyond repair, it is replaced with a component equal to or often better than the original.

Parts are then cleaned and refurbished locally, which can include painting, staining or our own advanced baked-on powder-coating process, which results in a durable, attractive and long-lasting finish. At Roberts Office Furniture Concepts, we use LEED compliant low-emitting paints, sprays, solvents and glues in the fabrication process. We also use natural materials, including composite wood and Agrifiber such as wheat board, straw board, and plywood for panels, work surfaces, shelves and other products for designing and assembling a green office plan.

The final products are high-quality office furniture “indistinguishable from new” at a reduced cost. In fact, remanufactured products generally save customers at least 30 percent for the same or customized features that are equal to or of better quality than new. Roberts’ office products are earth-friendly and sustainable and include countertops, wall units, base cabinets, work surfaces, conference tables, and complete workspace systems.

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