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Panel Based Office Systems

Panel based office systems are well-known for their flexibility and offer unlimited design configurations according to space, business demands, aesthetics and style because they are adjustable.  Panel-based systems are architecturally engineered with sturdy steel beams instead of permanent wood studs. Panels are mounted onto the steel beams and serve as walls. Tall panels are the choice for private space and noise reduction, while lower panels provide an open, group environment and easy communication.
Panel systems can either be fixed, freestanding, or mobile. Freestanding panels are designed to surround freestanding office furniture to provide private office space and can be moved and reconfigured. Desks, file cabinets, shelves, and other components — including light fixtures and power sources — are mounted onto fixed panels. Fixed panels can also be changed or reconfigured with minimal cost and inconvenience.

At Roberts Office Furniture Concepts, Inc., numerous design options are available, with panels generally constructed of particleboard and covered with any of a variety of fabric colors, designs, and textures. Also available in whiteboard, steel, laminate, and glass, panels can be tackable or non-tackable, segmented, monolithic, or mixed and matched, depending on your business needs.

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