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Floor to Ceiling System

A convenient, flexible, and less costly way to design modern business space, the floor-to-ceiling office system is a creative design solution for today’s industries.  Especially convenient if you already occupy the space, the floor-to-ceiling system eliminates the need for costly, dusty, and noisy construction while providing a customized, functional, and effective work environment that can be changed with minimal cost.

At Roberts Office Furniture Concepts, Inc., modular floor-to-ceiling wall panels are designed to function like real walls, yet can be moved and reused.  Intended to accommodate electrical wiring and data and communications requirements, the wall panels are fastened to ceiling and floor grids and are as strong and sturdy as stud and drywall construction.  The floor-to-ceiling office system includes door units and can be used for classrooms, conference rooms, and offices in any commercial environment, including corporate, government, health, educational, and retail establishments.

Steelcase Avenir: Designed with a tubular steel frame to hold tackable acoustical panels to fit any aesthetic, Steelcase Avenir provides adaptable floor-to-ceiling systems to accommodate work surfaces, storage solutions, and technology requirements in a reusable and cost effective system.
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